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All rates include a professional engineer, that has been fully trained in music theory, pitch correction using melodyne and vocal tuning. We pride ourselves on our creative and quick approach to tracking, editing, and mixing. 
$70 per hour
Block rates as low as $62 per hour

Full day lock out sessions rates are reduced 

(all block sessions can be split and must be used within 7 days from the start date.)

STUDIO TIME: (Engineer incl.)

Call for information


Same as studio rate

There is no set time for mixing, the final mix is complete when the engineer has done various song play tests and the client has recieved the pre-master,


$100 flat rate per song and is out sourced to our affiliate mastering engineer

Call to schedule your master

ISRC codes accepted to apply please go to USISRC.ORG


Call for a Quote

Our music producers are experienced in all genres please call for information and production rates

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