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Our rates are very competitive,  Our #1 focus is to create professional records.
All rates include an engineer. 2023 rates are $60.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum
All rates are subject to increase based on scheduled engineer
due to major studio improvements and hiring the best engineers around

our 2024 rates will start at $70 per hour

For longer bookings our block rates are reduced 

(all block sessions can be split and must be used within 7 days from the start date.)

STUDIO TIME: (Engineer incl.)

Call for information


Same as studio rate

Mixing can be done during your session, all mixes are not complete until the client is satisfied and the mixes are A+ and radio ready


$100 per song

Call to schedule your master

ISRC codes accepted to apply please go to USISRC.ORG


Call for a Quote

Our music producers are experienced in all genres please call for information and production rates

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