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Welcome to our state of the art facility in the South Shore part of Boston located in Quincy Center, offering a 1200 SQ Ft facility offering the highest and cleanest in audio recording sound, our Protools based system is industry standard and some of our gear is found in all major recording facilities through out the US and the world, We are also one of the owners of the CLASSIC NEUMANN U87 Rhodium Limited Edition microphones. Outboard compression includes the Distressor EL8, Mic Preamplifier includes the Legendary Neve 1073.



Our clients have full access to the industries most advanced Microphone and Mic Preamp for just a fraction of what all major recording facilities charge.

Client base 

Commercials/Jingles-Hip Hop-Rap-Christian-Gospel-R&B-POP-Rock-Island-Reggae-Afrobeats

Soca - Alternative-Jazz-World Music-Country-Classical-Soundtrack- EDM House Etc.

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