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Studio owner

About the owner, Musician-Former Mix Engineer, & founder of Hit Quarters recording studio previously located and operated in Dorchester and Mattapan locations in the inner city of Boston Ma. Mike studied engineering at Bristol Studios in Boston, Which he later decided to launch his first facility in 2003-2008 Opening 3 locations Where he worked with many well known major recording artists around the world, Currently running his New recording studio The Mix Loft studio with his professionally trained ear and skill for Audio engineering, Mike has worked with many of New Englands major artists and engineers from Recording, Mixing to artist Development. And has proven to be a staple in the Northeast Region as one of the go to Producers and Recording facility.

Many artists trust his ear!!!!!

Audio Engineers

Sean               R&B/POP
Colin V             Rap
Austin              Rap/POP/Rock/Podcasts/Etc
Keven              Pop/R&B/Podcasts/Rap
Riley                Rap/Bands/Pop/RnB/Podcasts etc

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